Ep. 70: Caroline Catlin | Pacific University

On this episode, Caroline Catlin talks about how her cancer diagnosis motivated a career change from social worker to nonfiction writer. She also describes how she pairs photography with writing, and how she found herself photographing death, grief, and loss. Plus, after transferring from one MFA program to another during the first year, she tells Jared about advice she has for other writers considering this option.

Caroline Catlin is a writer, photographer, and care worker who believes in the power and impact of shared truths. Her work has previously been published in The New York Times, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Longreads, and elsewhere. Caroline is currently entering her final semester of Pacific University's MFA in Writing program. Her focus has been on nonfiction related work, however she's a big fan of learning from the poets and fiction writers as well. Caroline's 2020 TED talk, "Why I Photograph the Quiet Moments of Grief and Loss" has been viewed over 1 million times. Find her at her website, www.carolinecatlin.com, or on Instagram @mybodyofwater.

Headshot of Caroline Catlin
Headshot of Caroline Catlin

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